Christmas Counting and Clipping Cards


Who doesn’t love gifts? I mean, you don’t need to be a kid to love gifts! These Christmas-themed Gifts clip cards are great to help your young kids develop their numeracy skills in French. It is fun and looks oh-so festive to use in the lead up to Christmas!

What You Need To Know

Use our FREE Christmas-themed Gifts clip cards for fun number learning in French!


Matching clip cards help children to match quantity and numbers in one look. These cards create a learning visual which is easy to grasp and will encourage the use of the French language in a fun way. Your kids might even jump start counting from 1 to 10 in French when using these types of cards. These make learning numbers fun!


Compare quantity too by placing the cards side by side and counting the Christmas gifts Santa is holding. This helps to visualise more and less concepts.

How to set up the Christmas-themed Gifts clip activity:

Print, laminate and cut the Christmas Gifts printables. Provide mini pegs to clip the correct number (or any other small objects such as pompoms, counters, blocks or even stickers). This also develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination (crucial pre-writing skills!) - picking up the tiny items and placing it just right to cover up the number. Just be mindful of tiny items that might end up in a mouth or nose.

How to use the Christmas-themed Gifts clip cards printables:

Choose a card and simply count out loud the number of Christmas gifts. Say out loud the numbers you can read on the bottom row, and help your kid recognise the matching number. Once recognised, clip it with the peg, or place or small object on top of it.

You could also set up a dramatic play area with some playdoh for your kids to make playdoh Christmas gifts and count them using the matching clip card, or make the same amount of Christmas gifts as shown on the cards.


Although a simple activity, it encourages your child to count in French.

Use our matching clip cards at home for independent and fun learning or as a quiet activity, or on-the-go in a busy bag!


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