Bakery Themed Dramatic Role Play

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Create an inviting Bakery with these fun printables in French! Inside this play pack, you will find signs, posters, labels, recipes, recipe boards, playdough mat, printable fill-in forms and more – all in French!

What You Need To Know

Featuring a French bakery using exclusively French vocabulary, your pre-schoolers will love engaging in imaginative role-play inside their French Dramatic Play space!

This is a great way to encourage your little learners speaking in French by using themed content vocabulary in a playful manner. It also helps develop their oral language skills, early reading skills, early writing skills, cooperation and social skills in a dedicated dramatic play space in French!

What’s Included (in French)?

  • ‘Boulangerie’ bunting
  • 3 x ‘Bienvenue à la boulangerie’ posters
  • Open and Closed signs
  • ‘Opening Hours’ sign – filled in (using the 24-hour clock format) and blank
  • 4 x ‘Today’s Baker’ signs – boy and girl, to add a photo or to add a name
  • ‘Du Pain Frais Tous les Jours’ sign
  • ‘Please wait here to be served’ sign
  • ‘Order and pay here’ sign
  • ‘Kitchen’ sign
  • ‘Please wear a kitchen hat and apron’ sign
  • ‘Meal Deal’ sign with blank template with Euro currency
  • 2 x set deals
  • 1 x Menu with pricing in euro
  • 1 blank menu with black line masters
  • 1 x blank menu with drawing space
  • Large food labels
  • Smaller rectangle food labels (breads, pastries, desserts, etc)
  • Labels for kitchen equipment (oven, pastry, mixing bowl, baking tray, paper bags, spatula, rolling pin etc)
  • Square equipment labels (baker’s hat and clothing, utensils, plates and bags, ingredients)
  • Blank labels for any additional kitchen equipment or food
  • ‘Today’s Special’ sign
  • Bakery play dough’ mats
  • Job tags (boy and girl) – Boulanger, Pâtissier, Vendeur, Cient, Plongeur
  • Bakery Punch Cards
  • Blank price tag printables
  • ‘Recipe Book’ cover
  • Recipe Cards: Bread, Croissant, Play Dough (with and without clipart)
  • Blank recipe pages to encourage drawing and writing
  • ‘Customer Orders’ cover
  • ‘Customer Order Forms’ – various formats (with/without clipart)
  • Receipt printables (four to a page to save ink)

There is a lot included in this play pack! Depending on how you want to set up your bakery, you may want to use all of the printables provided or you may select just a few. You might even like to encourage your pre-schoolers to help create additional items for your bakery depending on their age!

As your kids play and imagine in a dedicated French-inspired environment, they will be building fantastic content-specific vocabulary in French!

Read more about how you can use the Bakery Themed Dramatic Play Printables in this blog post! HERE You will find there some play set up inspiration and suggested materials to collect.


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